What should the Conference CD-ROM (or USB Memory Card) and Proceedings look like?

It may look like this this year ...

What to Do and How to Do it?
Compiling Proceedings Using ACLPUB --
Customized Data for Workshops & CoNLL (including adaptation to A4 Paper Size)

Download: You don't have to patch A4 templates or edit most workshop-specific data ... just download ...

  1. Customized Templates and Matadata for ACL-2010
    (2010/0519 11:19 GMT+8)
  2. ACLPUB Patched for A4 Paper Size with Workshop Specific Data for All Workshops and Co-events
    (05/19 10:33 GMT+8)
  3. Official ACLPUB (for Letter Size papers, without this years data) (5/9)

Old Customized Data for Workshops & EMNLP for ACL-IJCNLP 2009
Q & A
The "CD-ROM" (USB Memory Card) this year ...

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