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Courses: [uP 2012/08 (Fall)]

Microprocessor-Based Systems

  • This list of slides may NOT include all course contents.
  • Therefore, you should not completely rely on the slides for your exams.
  • The students are encourage to read carefully through the textbook and practice the excercises.
  • [*] NEW: 2013/01/14+ - Chapters 1~3 & 7 for Final Exam
    (& more details for MidTerm-1 questions)
    (PowerPoint Slides [RAR: (9,126,304 B)])
    (Use this pass code to open the RAR file: HelloWorld)
  • [*] OLD: 2012/12/11 - Chapters 1~3 for MidTerm-1
    (PowerPoint Slides [RAR: (4,737,212 B)])
    (Use this pass code to open the RAR file: HelloWorld)
  • [1] OLD-2011: Update: 2012/01/08 - Final revision for 2011 Mid 2 (PowerPoint Slides [PPT: ZIP, password protected (~20M)])
  • [2] OLD-2011: Update: 2011/10/04 - Brey (8e, original) (PowerPoint Slides [PPT: RAR, password protected (20.1M)])

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