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=== Main Slides ===
  • This list of slides may NOT include all course contents.
  • Therefore, you should not completely rely on the slides for your exams.
  • The students are encourage to read carefully through the textbook and practice the excercises.
[1] Chapter 1: Introduction and Applications [PPT] [2014/03/04] [2] Chapter 2: A Simple Compiler [PPT] [sync with my NB] [3] Chapter 3: Lexical Analysis [PPT] [sync with my NB] [4] Chapter 4: Syntax Analysis (LL Parsers) [PPT] [sync with my NB] [5] Chapter 4: Syntax Analysis (LR Parsers) [PPT] [sync with my NB] [6] Chapter 4: LR Parser Generator (YACC) [2006/06/08] [7] Chapter 4: LL Parser Generator (PCCTS) (optional) [2006/06/08] (以上投影片為每頁一張形式, 可全螢幕顯示. 列印時請選擇每頁 2/4/6/8 張等形式, 以免浪費) (部分投影片不連號係因部份舊投影片被隱藏且未列印的緣故, 可以不予理會)
  • Courtesy of Professor Nai-Wei Lin, Dept. of CS, CCU, Taiwan, ROC.
  • Local modifications and extensions were made by Prof. Jing-Shin Chang.

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