Text Corpora List


CORPORA@HD.UIB.NO (last updated 6 May 1994)

Welcome to the text corpora distribution list!

The CORPORA list is open for information and questions about text corpora such as availability, aspects of compiling and using corpora, software, tagging, parsing, bibliography, etc.

I hope that you will be able to share information, questions, answers, programs etc. with the other members on the list.

The list is unmoderated, but if necessary, it may be moderated in the future.

It is now possible to unsubscribe/subscribe by sending commands to


Send one of the following lines in the body of the letter:

Please note that this is only a mail responder for subscribing and unsubscribing, the Bitnet LISTSERV commands can not be sent to this responder!

If you have problems with unsubscribing through the LISTSERV etc., send administrative messages to: CORPORA-REQUEST@HD.UIB.NO and NOT to the list.

The address CORPORA@HD.UIB.NO should only be used for messages to the whole list, NOT for retrieving files etc (see below how this is done)

The list will be logged on the machine nora.hd.uib.no, see below how to access the log files.

It will be possible to upload files, either by mail to corpora-request (text files and binhex/uuencoded files) or by FTP. Files can also be sent on diskettes.

The list is hosted at the Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities in Bergen, Norway. Information stored at our machine nora.hd.uib.no can be accessed in several ways:


The machine nora.hd.uib.no has been established as a mail based server for the Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities. Information is grouped in different directories, some of which have information in Norwegian only.

Some of the available directories:
corporaInformation from the distribution list CORPORA, log files etc.
icameInternational Computer Archive of Modern English
infoInformation on texts, projects etc., mostly in English
konferanserInformation on conferences
macMacintosh programs
ncchNorwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities Information in English
nettinfoInformation on network resources, mostly in English
pcMS-DOS programs
unixUnix programs

The server is called FILESERV and runs the DECWRL archive server. FILESERV accepts three types of commands; several commands can be placed in the body of the mail message. However, the results will be sent in one file, so do not request several large files in one message. The commands are:
HelpHelp file
IndexTop level index
Index <directory>Index for a directory
send <directory> <filename>Fetch a file in a directory


You want to get the index for the CORPORA and the KONFERANSER directories and the file log.started.920918 in the CORPORA directory.

Send the following two notes ("index" and "send" commands cannot be put in the same message, the "send" commands will then be ignored):

To: fileserv@nora.hd.uib.no
Subject: whatever
index corpora
index konferanser
To: fileserv@nora.hd.uib.no
Subject: whatever
send corpora log.started.920918

Other log files available:


The files are also available via anonymous FTP from nora.hd.uib.no (

To make use of this server, you must have access to a machine connected to Internet with TCP/IP and a program running the FTP protocol.


To get the directories of the server write the following:
ftp nora.hd.uib.no
cd pub

The server has a directory for uploading, this is writeable but not readable.
cd incoming
(binary)(if transfer of programs or 8-bit data)
put xx-program.zip

Please send a note and a description to CORPORA-REQUEST if you upload any files!

Other commands:
get <file>
mget <dir-mask>(to get several files, example: mget *.ex)
cd <directory>(change directory)
cd ..(up on level in the directory tree)
binary(set binary transfer, for transfer of programs or 8-bit files)
ascii(set transfer of 7-bit text data)


The information is now also available through our Gopher server at nora.hd.uib.no (port 70). If you are connected to the Internet (with TCP/IP protocol), you can get client versions of Gopher for MS-DOS, Macintosh and Unix. Gopher is a tree structured menu system and several hundred servers are connected.

Main menu on the nora.hd.uib.no machine:

Internet Gopher Information Client v1.12S

Root gopher server: nora.hd.uib.no

Press ? for Help, q to Quit, u to go up a menu Page: 1/2

World-Wide-Web (WWW) server

We have started a WWW server with URL: http://www.hd.uib.no

Questions about these services can be directed to:
Knut Hofland (knut.hofland@.hd.uib.no)

Humanistisk datasenter,
Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities,
Harald Haarfagres gt. 31,
N-5007 Bergen, Norway

Phone +47 55 212954/5/6 Fax: +47 55 322656