The following URL's, which were in my Web browser bookmarks, are
pointing to online MT or other text resources that are still alive today.
They are not always directly related to MT or even translation in general,
but they do provide good pointers to resources for corpus-based
researches. Except for this list, I guess your students can use general
search engines (such as Yahoo: to search related
key words (such as 'translation') and spot useful resources in the Internet.
This is a good way for me to find materials I want when there is no other
way. And it always works.

I didn't have any discussion list directly related to MT at hand except
for a CCNET-L list, which is dedicated to Chinese Computing. But it is quiet
for a very long time. Also, it is not really discussing academic
stuffs but software utilities for chinese processing.
(See the HKO CNapps URL below.) This list is:

I also maintained some other links at:

They might be useful for general purposes (... but some of them might
be expired because I did not update them very often.) I will update
the URL's described at this email to
so that you can click to such sites and add them to your bookmarks.
(The html entries in my bookmarks are also attached for your convenience.)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know.

Best regards,

Jing-Shin -^^-

== URL's related to MT and/or online resources == (or

	- SYSTRAN Software HTML Translation Page
	- provide translation for many language pairs amnong
	- can translate an HTML page for you
		(e.g., your home page, if in English, I guess)
	- did not really test it because the other languages are greek to me

* I remember there is another Japanese site which provides similar
	kind of translation demo. But I did not save it to my bookmarks.
	It is trivial to setup one using BehaviorTran too, but we didn't
	considered it yet :-).

	- SIGLEX Resources
	- Special Interest Group on the Lexicon of the ACL
	- have a list to other online resource links or information:
		- electronic dictionaries	- lexical databanks
		- corpora / parallel corpora	- treebanks
		- phonetic databases
	- it should be a good site to start for searching for other
		resources from this URL.

	- WordNet Home Page
	- Information on WordNet, a semantic net for English words
	- have some utilities for searching/playing on the WordNet data
	- and publications on research results using WordNet
	- List of Dictionaries

	- a large list of links to
		- word lists/dictionaries/thesaurus/acronym available
		  on internet
	- some of the 'dictionaries' are no more than word lists
		of frequently used vocabularies (i.e., no any annotation)		- UIArchive

	- collection of Englsih articles (the Project Gutenberg collection)
		- articles from contributors of the Internet
	- maintained at Univ. Illinois / Urbana-Champain

	- official ACL homepage
	- links to archives of published papers (E-print archives)	- CPM Olive Tree
	(Chinese Poetry and Poetic Literature)

	- collection of Chinese articles
		(including some ancient articles, I remembered ...)
	- collection of links to mainland electronic newspapers
		(such as People's Daily)
	- maintained by oversea mailand students
	- you may need to install simplified (GB) characters to view some
		of the pages
	  (most of them have Big5 counterparts for Big5 users)		- HKO CNapps LIST (Chinese Soft)

	- collection of chinese related softwares (ChiNese applications)
		(text editors, terminal simulators, code converters,
		printing utilities, fonts, etc.)
	- seems not alive now ...