From Tue Aug 20 08:10:27 1996
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 96 07:37:54 CST
From: (Gerard Gautier)
Subject: Webster 1913 on-line

  Received this day on HUMANIST.
  Apologies to those who are already subscribed to it. I thought this
information was worth sending to the other members of CORPORA.

  G. Gautier in Taiwan

        Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 18:10:25 -0500
        From: Mark Olsen 
        Subject: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 edition

I have a VERY preliminary implementation of Webster's Revised Unabridged
Dictionary  (G & C. Merriam Co., 1913) with a simple search engine
and hypertext cross-reference scheme running under WWW at:

The database currently has about 110,000 entries.  While there are
many excellent English dictionaries available, most notably the OED,
I have found few significant English dictionaries free of copyright
protection and are typically restricted to institutions and/or
individuals who have purchased rights from various vendors.
Patrick Cassidy, of MICRA Inc., has generously made the data
available for public access as he did for the 1911 Roget's

Thus, while VERY DATED (which may in itself be of some historical
interest), the 1913 Webster's is at least a little bit better than
nothing for people who do not have access to modern, commercial

Comments, suggestions, BUG REPORTS (of course there are BUGS,
typos, etc.) to me, please.


Mark Olsen
ARTFL Project
University of Chicago

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