Date: August 24-25, 2002
Venue: Center of Academic Activities, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan

The following tutorials will be provided during the conference of COLING2002. You are cordially invited to participate in the tutorials interesting to you.

Note that each tutorial will have the following 'course-name' structure
1. First 2-5 characters are an abbreviation of course title.
2. The following two numerals (24 or 25) indicates the date of the tutoiral.
3. The alphabetical suffix (A or P) indicates whether it is an AM or PM class.
There are 6 tutorial classes; i.e., 6 units. Participants must register by unit.

August 24, Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (2 units, 6 hours)
Co-Sponsored by ACL-SIGHAN: Special Interest Group on Chinese Language Processing
SIGHAN is pleased to announce at least TWO student fellowships to cover the cost of attending this full-day tutorial. For more information, please see http://www.coling2002.sinica.edu.tw/i-scholarship.html.

  • morning
    T01-CLP24a: Intelligent Character Encoding (1.5 hours) abstract & Treebanking and Parsing (1.5 hours) abstract
    • Ching-Chun Hsieh (Academia Sinica)
    • Keh-jian Chen (Academia Sinica)
  • afternoon
    T02-CLP24p: Corpus-Based Methods in Chinese Morphology (1unit, 3 hours) abstract
    • Richard Sproat (AT&T Labs.)
August 25, Bio-Informatics (2 units, 6 hours)
  • morning
    T03-BIO25a: Bioinformatics and NLP Issues (1 unit, 3 hours) abstract
    • Toshihisa Takagi, Takako Takai (University of Tokyo), Ken-ichiro Fukuda (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tokyo, JAPAN)
  • afternoon
    T04-BIO25p: The Application of Information Extraction in Bio-informatics (1.5 hours) abstract & Some Applications of NLP Techniques for Modeling Biological Sequences (1.5 hours) abstract
    • Jun-Ichi Tsujii (University of Tokyo and UMIST, ICCL permanent member)
    • Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania, ICCL permanent member)
August 25
  • morning
    T05-QA25a: Open-Domain Textual Question Answering (1 unit, 3 hours) abstract
    • Sanda M. Harabagiu (University of Texas)
    • Dan Moldovan (University of Texas)
  • afternoon
    T06-PLing25p: Probabilistic Computational Psycholinguistics:
                              A Tutorial on Language Processing by Humans (1 unit, 3 hours)abstract
    • Dan Jurafsky (University of Colorado)

ICCL Advisor on Workshops and Tutorials

Prof. Antonio Zampolli 
Istituto di Linguistica 
Computazionale, CNR 
Via della Faggiola 32
I-56100 Pisa, 
ITALY tel:+39-50-560481
Email: glottolo@ilc.pi.cnr.it


Chu-Ren Huang
Institute of Linguistics
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan
Email: hschuren@ccvax.sinica.edu.tw


Kathleen Ahrens
Graduate Institute of Linguistics
National Taiwan University
1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road
Taipei 106, Taiwan
Email: ahrens66@hotmail.com

Jing-Shin Chang
Computer Science & Information Engineering
National Chi-Nan University
1 University Road, Puli
Nantou 545, Taiwan
Email: jshin@csie.ncnu.edu.tw

Martha Palmer
Computer & Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
200 S. 33rd Street
Phila. PA 19104-6389, USA
Email: mpalmer@linc.upenn.edu